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What colour to paint your office?

The best office paint colours are the ones that achieve the mood and vibe you’re looking for. Here’s what to know about each individual colour. It’s important to note that no colour is inherently “negative.” Each one simply has its own purpose and perceived set of emotions that come along with it.

Red Triggers Powerful Emotions

People often associate red with passion, energy, and emotion. It’s also a cautionary colour, which is why you see it on stoplights and warning signs.

Overall, red can trigger any kind of powerful emotion, whether positive or negative. This is likely due to the fact that it has the power to increase your heart rate.

Restaurants often use various tones of red as it also increases your appetite.

Green is for Health and Vitality

Because people associate green with nature, they also associate it with health, wealth, and vitality.

In nature, the greener a tree is, the healthier it usually is. This means that green represents strength and life, even in business.

Office colours that include green are going to evoke feelings of tranquillity and vitality. However, make sure the green tones are as natural as possible.

Blue Represents Calmness and Loyalty

When asked what kinds of emotions that come to mind when viewing the colour blue, most people will probably say loyalty, trust, dependability, and friendship.

Over the years, some of the world’s top brands have used blue to help push themselves into a sphere that’s friendly and inviting. Facebook, Twitter, Ford, Samsung, PayPal, and Visa are all great examples of this.

Blue, however, is also an incredibly calming colour.

Just like green, blue is a colour naturally found in nature. People often associate it with calming water or tranquil oceans, which makes it one of the most calming paint colours you can choose.

Yellow Makes People Happy

Sunshine makes people feel great and happy, which is why the colour yellow makes people happy when they see it in different places.

If you want people to feel optimistic, warm, and positive, then think about yellow when looking for office paint ideas.

Orange Generates Feelings of Warmth

When the leaves begin to turn orange in the fall, people tend to feel cosy. Fires are orange, which makes people associate the colour with warmth and energy.

Darker shades of orange are great paint colour ideas if you’re looking to add a natural touch to the atmosphere while still retaining a sense of brightness.

Orange is one of the most balanced colours, it seems, as people associate it with calming and natural feelings while also noting that it exudes confidence and courage.

Purple is for Wisdom and Royalty

A long time ago, royal families all over the world wore purple to signify their wealth and power. Today, humans still tend to associate that colour with royalty.

However, it also tends to give off vibes that trend more towards spiritual and sophistication. Overall, purple is a colour that’s pretty safe to use, as long as you don’t go too over-the-top with it.

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