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Is working from home the best idea

Avoiding rush hour traffic, is music to many peoples ears and is a reality to people who work from home.

The comfort of your own home, even not needing to get dressed!

This is the case for over 4 million brits, who opted to be a stay at home worker. But does it really work? I read an article, where an inspiring business man thought he could have the best of both worlds. Being a stay at home dad to his 2 month old baby, while expanding this business all in the comfort of his kitchen table.

At first he quickly came to the conclsuion that this wasn’t working and put the child into child care. Determined to make this work, his kitchen table turned into his desk. Unfortunately, for him it didn’t work. House chours, the postman, cleaning and washing all got in the way. Which broke up his flow of work hours. In the day he set aside for his business. A month later, he knew he couldn’t go on like this and rented himself a office which a desk, comfy chair and space.

So all this attention was on the task, within days he was more productive than he has been in the past couple of months. Studies have shown, that when working away from the office furniture environment your productivty falls dramatically. It takes you twice as long on average to get things done than it would in an office environment. New research has shown, 40% of employees who were working from home feel disconnected from the company’s strategic direction. One-third feel like they don’t get support from bosses. Which lowers there productivity and efficiency when working.

As we can see from this, working in a office enviroment gives staff there attention to the task at hand. Without any distraction and providing with them offices could be one of the best things for you and for your business.

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